Collection: All Terrain Wheelchairs

Experience the freedom of outdoor exploration with our rugged and versatile all-terrain wheelchairs. Designed to tackle any terrain, from smooth pavement to challenging off-road trails, our wheelchairs provide superior stability, comfort, and control. With a sturdy frame, durable wheels, and advanced suspension systems, our all-terrain wheelchairs allow users to navigate through the outdoors with ease. Whether you're looking for a fun and active way to enjoy nature, or a reliable solution for mobility challenges, our all-terrain wheelchairs are the perfect choice.

We believe that every wheelchair user should have the ability to source an off-road chair that enables them to experience a greater level of freedom, independence and enjoyment of the outdoors. From attending an outdoor graduation party to trekking the forest in search of the perfect trout stream, an off-road chair offers Quality of Life and the opportunity for adventure and connection.

Off-road wheelchairs - all terrain wheelchairs - are built so users can safely traverse uneven terrain, including gravel paths, grass, soft dirt and sandy surfaces, street curbs, and nature trails. Off-road chairs also make it easier to travel over small hills and uneven or rocky surfaces.

And for the true adventurer / outdoor enthusiast / athlete / fitness fanatic: an All Terrain Chair can expand your horizons and extend your reach to where anything is possible.