Funding Opportunities


Adaptive Sports Equipment Grants & Funds in the USA   

Adaptive Equipment Grants: Many non-profit and other organizations provide funds or grants for adaptive equipment.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation
Opportunities for individuals under age 17 to receive funding for certain medical expenses such as wheelchairs, therapies, medication, surgeries, adaptive sports equipment and more.


Challenged Athletes Foundation  Grant applications open from September to November. Grants awarded in April. Grants open for any disability, for any type of product. It is the mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. Challenged Athletes Foundation believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.                                                                                                                                                                          

Kelly Brush Foundation  Applications open in February. The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for anyone with a spinal cord injury. Life is better active when Active!                                                      Through the Active Fund, they provide grants for individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury to purchase adaptive sports equipment. They believe in the power of sport and recreation to foster inclusion and overcome the barriers of paralysis. They have helped over 600 people from 47 states purchase handcycles, monoskis, sport chairs, racing chairs, hockey sleds, and much more.              


High Fives Foundation       The High Fives Foundation Empowerment Fund provides resources and inspiration to those who suffer a life-altering injury. These include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputation or other mobility-limiting injuries that occurred in an individual's lifetime. The resources and inspiration that High Fives provides comes in the form of Board-approved grant funding, paid to service providers in specific funding categories: living expenses, insurance, health, travel, adaptive equipment, winter equipment, and High Fives healing network.                                                                              


The Independence Fund        The Independence Funds mission is to empower our severely wounded Veterans and their Caregivers to take control of their lives. They provide the resources and tools that enable Veterans to regain their independence, and fight for their ability to sustain it.

The Independence Fund takes pride in the numbers. To date they have awarded more than 3,000 mobility devices, and directly impacted the lives of nearly 5,000 Veterans and Caregivers through their various programs. In 2018, they launched two new exciting programs (Adaptive Sports and Advocacy) and have nine caregiver retreats planned for the year. They are always looking at ways to improve Their organization and maximize their impact in the Veteran and Caregiver space.


Semper Fi Fund         The Semper Fi Fund provides relief for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating needs. Their program provides support in a variety of ways including Service Member and Family Support, Specialized & Adaptive Equipment, Adaptive Housing, Adaptive Transportation, Education and Career Transition Assistance, PTS and TBI Support, Team Semper Fi, and Americas Fund.                                                                               


 Team Catapult       It is the mission of CATAPULT to facilitate a lifestyle of health and fitness to physically challenged individuals, so that they may meet their personal goals. We strive to motivate and unite communities by demonstrating that disabilities place no limit to an athlete’s capabilities.
CATAPULT connects physically challenged individuals with the opportunities, training, education, accessibility, and funding needed to participate and compete at all athletic levels. From finishing their first 5K to competing in the Paralympic Games.Opportunity for members to receive funding for training & equipment.

 Team PossAbilities Become a Member of PossAbilities. PossAbilities is a FREE community outreach program developed by the Loma Linda University Health.This free membership program is tailored to persons with physical disabilities such as limb amputation, stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and others. Applications accepted June 1st to August 31st. The purpose of a PossAbilities grant or scholarship is to provide support for our members to improve the quality of life, assist in the reintegration of those with disabilities into the community and society, and to meet the specific needs of our members.                              


K2 Adventures  There’s no age limit but, in most cases, awards are limited to a maximum of $5,000 so that they can help as many people as possible. Award applications are reviewed quarterly by our Award committee. Every applicant receives a letter advising whether they’ve been approved or not selected.


Project 34 Project 34’s goal is to provide grants to people with spinal cord injuries to ease the financial burden that can accompany this type of injury. Project 34 has one overarching goal: to positively impact the lives of individuals living with a spinal cord injury.
Project 34 assists with the purchasing of medical equipment and assistive devices that may not be otherwise accessible to a patient, as well as provides grants to individuals to afford physical therapy for optimal function. We want to ease the stress that accompanies the financial burden of these necessary materials, so that the patient and their families can focus on living a fulfilling life.                                                  


Go Hawkeye       The GoHawkeye Foundation provides support to adaptive organizations and individuals through financial aid, outdoor experiences and filmmaking meant to inspire people of all abilities. Our films showcase people overcoming disabilities and reaching their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures. The grant program is open to adaptive individuals and organizations in the United States and consists of outdoor sports equipment and sports experience grants. The grant cycle is biannual ending June 30 and Dec 31.


IM Able Foundation      Primarily, IM ABLE Grants are awarded to disabled individuals residing in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing adaptive sports gear and group fitness programs. At times, we will award grants to organizations whose mission aligns with ours (see eligibility requirements below). Our purpose is to unleash the potential in physically challenged children and adults to be more active, enjoy the benefits of physical fitness, and spend more time in the great outdoors.


 RoadRunner Sports - Athletes Helping Athletes   Remember how much fun you had as a kid riding bikes with your family and friends? That exact same feeling of fun and freedom is what the Athletes of AHA get to experience when they hop on their brand new Adaptive Bike for the first time.

Each eligible athlete can receive a custom built Adaptive Bike from AHA. Plus, AHA is 100% supported by Road Runner Sports! Together, AHA and Road Runner Sports ensure that all of your donations go to purchasing Adaptive Bike so that 100% of the cost is covered for each family.You’d be amazed at the power an Adaptive Bike has to take a child from being stuck on the sidelines to becoming a full participant in the fun! Giving kids this gift offers them the chance to ride bikes with friends and family, set personal goals, and simply feel the joy of being a kid. 


Getting Back Up      To help those living with a spinal cord injury improve their quality of life TODAY by providing goods and services which can help make a difference in someone’s IMMEDIATE situation.They provide qualified individuals with funding for participation in EXERCISE-BASED RECOVERY PROGRAMS and the purchase of ADAPTABLE PRODUCTS. These programs and products have been proven to greatly improve the physical and emotional well-being of the injured individual.                                                                                                             


Triumph Foundation       Triumph Foundation assists people with spinal cord injury (SCI) to get necessary equipment, supplies, and services. These critical items will enable someone to live a more functional, fulfilling, and independent life, but inadequate health insurance coverage and financial hardship keep it out of reach. Triumph works to bridge that gap thru our Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Grant program, our Employment Achievement Award, and our Equipment & Supply Exchange.                                                                                                          


 Christopher Reeve Foundation  Pioneered by Dana Reeve, the Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grants Program awards grants to nonprofit organizations that impact and empower people living with paralysis, their families and caregivers. Learn more about the program and find out how to apply.                                           Christopher Reeve Quality of Life Grants